Deasy GeoGraphics: Staff
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Former Employees of Deasy GeoGraphics Lab

Dave Ache
Amy Ahner
Dale Bemis
Carlee Britsch, Hammond
Brent Bursey
Mike Carlin
Mary Carpenter
Jerome Cookson, National Geographic Society
Jeremy Crampton, George Mason University
Abby Curtis
Tom Davinroy, University of Colorado
Zack Davis, GeoSystems Global Corporation
Esther DelRosso
Mike Emery, Lancaster County (Pennsylvania)
Tom Fraser, State of New York
Jeremy Frick
Andy Green, GeoSystems Global Corporation
Mike Hermann, Purple Lizard
Joe Hoover, Michelin Travel Products
Dan Iseminger
Adrienne Jackson
Eric Janota, Allan Cartography
Kevin Kolb, Eureka Cartography
John Krygier, State University of New York at Buffalo
Mark Leitzell, GeoSystems Global Corporation
Lisa Lype
Mike Martin
Jeff Martz, GeoSystems Global Corporation
Evan Miller, GeoSystems Global Corporation
Tami Mistrick
Tom Paradis, University of Illinois
Laura Perfetti
Kevin Peters
Suzanne Peterson
Roger Petrilli, GeoSystems Global Corporation
Chris Pfeiffer
Hylon Plumb, GeoSystems Global Corporation
Eric Ratajczak
Catherine Reeves, National Geographic Society
Jack Savage
Jeannine Schonta, Maryland Cartographics
John Sebastian, National Geographic Society
Alexx Stehman
Ron Sill, Reynolds, Smith, and Hills
Andy Skinner, GeoSystems Global Corporation
Doug Smith, GeoSystems Global Corporation
Steve Smith, Michelin Travel Products
Daria Sulkoski, State of New York
Rob Surder
Jillaine Thacher, U.S. Government
Matt Tharp, GeoSystems Global Corporation
Bill Truninger
Willy Vancura, Department of Geography, Penn State
Martin von Wyss, Hybrid Designs
Dave Wagner
Peter Wrenn, Michelin Travel Products
Gregg Zelkin

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