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[CentreHistory] EARLY HISTORY

The Lab designed and produced this 30" x 24" map in collaboration with the Centre County Historical Society and local surveyor Edward J. Heary. Over a long career, Heary compiled boundaries of the original 18th-century property warrants by which land was conveyed to settlers by William Penn.

The map depicts warrants comprising the area now occupied by the Borough of State College and the five adjacent townships known as the "Centre Region." Properties and property owners who were influential in the early history of the region are profiled. The area's striking terrain is rendered from digital elevation data processed with geographic information systems and computer graphics technology. Copies of the map are available for sale from the Centre County Historical Society, 1001 East College Avenue, State College PA 16801 (phone) 814.234.4779

[HeartDisease] [Cause] [HeartDisease-Quad]
Linda Williams Pickle, Michael Mungiole, Gretchen K. Jones, and Andrew A. White
National Center for Health Statistics
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Three samples are presented from a monograph containing over 200 pages of maps designed in consultation with Penn State cartographers Cindy Brewer and Alan MacEachren, and produced with the Deasy Lab's assistance. Maps in the Atlas of United States Mortality portray the geographic distributions of mortality rates from 1988 to 1992 for eighteen leading causes of death, by gender and race, for 805 health service areas. Scheduled to be published late in 1996,
the atlas will enable epidemiologists and others interested in public health to read approximate rates for specific geographic areas, to discern clusters of similar-rate areas, to visualize broad geographic patterns, and to compare regional rates.

A prototype on-line Atlas of United States Mortality is currently under construction.

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